2014: It’s time to get on your bike


Each year we all plunge into the New Year with a long list of resolutions. Research shows that topping that list for most of us is losing weight and exercising more, closely followed by saving money.

But despite beginning the New Year with the best of intentions, the majority of people give up on their plans soon after they’re made. Busy schedules are back with a vengeance after the holidays and best laid plans to get more active quickly evaporate.

Sound familiar?

We have an easy, no fuss solution that achieves all those fitness and money saving goals but is easy to stick to so you can guarantee that you’ll be still on track next Christmas.

The answer? Cycling.

Cycling is a great way to get fit and lose weight and it’s easily incorporated into your daily routine. By commuting by bike instead of driving or taking public transport you still get where you need to go but keep fit and save money at the same time.


Here are some top tips to lose weight and save money by taking up cycling (and sticking to it!) in the New Year:


• Start slowly – pick one short journey you would usually drive each week and cycle instead, then build from there


• Keep it simple - you don't need flashy lycra clothes or an expensive bike, you just need to get started and start cycling in a way that suits your routine


• Love my bike – take your bike in for a thorough check up or sign up for a bike maintenance course yourself, a well maintained bike will be more pleasant to ride


• Be prepared – don’t let the gloomy winter weather put you off. Water-proof your bike and your outfit so you can cycle rain or shine


• Encourage family and friends – take friends and family out for a leisurely weekend ride, and why not take a picnic. Exercising in a group is a fun way to motivate yourself


• Take pleasure in the simple things – plan a scenic, low-traffic route that you enjoy cycling – it’s safer and more fun!


• Stay beautiful – don’t come to work with the dreaded helmet hair, wear a silk scarf under your helmet can help keep your locks frizz-free and use waterproof mascara when it’s raining and a take a powder compact for a quick refresher when needed.


• Reward yourself – celebrate the small changes and achievements, like feeling more energised and focussed at work

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