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The Bike Buffet has been nominated for an Outsider Award in the Most Sustainable Escape Category!

Winners are chosen by public vote. We would greatly appreciate if you would vote for the Westport Bike Buffet here. The link to vote is also on the WST Facebook and Twitter pages if you would like to share on social media and hopefully the Westport Bike Buffet will be named Ireland's Most Sustainable Escape.

About the Outsider Award

Most Sustainable Escape Category:


Outside Magazine really treasure Ireland’s precious outdoor environment so we want to recognise a company, provider or a destination that goes above and beyond to protect it – all while showing you a great outdoorsy time. So use your vote and let us know which of the nominees below you think is the most worthy of an award. We’ll be presenting the winner with a great prize at The Outsider Awards 2016 which are supported by Just Eat, Columbia Sportswear and Great Outdoors on 2 Feb 2017. Voting will close on 31/1/2017 at 5pm. And remember folks, this is a grass-roots award ceremony so please vote just the once!

Photos from various Bike Buffets

Bicycles, bells and barbeques


It brought the traffic to a standstill while it passed up Bridge Street - but it wasn't a protest march.


Cars beeped and people waved - but it wasn't a wedding.


100 people rushed into action when the bell rang - but it wasn't a race.


If you were lucky enough to be in Westport on the Friday 19th, you might know it was in fact The Bike Buffet passing through. This clever concept from Smarter Travel is a twist on the traditional travelling supper, where dinner is over four courses in four different places, with everyone cycling from one to the next.

The good humoured group met at The Clew Bay Hotel where non-alcoholic 'Mocktails' were the order of the day. Tiny paper parasols on each fruity concoction echoed continental holidays, and the Mediterranean temperatures outside encouraged that illusion. Laura Heneghan from Smarter Travel had the challenging task of making order out of chaos and organising 100 or so cyclists into a cohesive group. Armed with just a bicycle bell and a good humoured approach, she rose to the challenge.

Traffic in Westport was brought to a standstill for five minutes or so as bikes of all descriptions poured out of the Clew Bay, up Bridge Street, and down the Railway Walk to The Sheebeen. Balmy temperatures allowed groups to sit outside enjoying their starter, chatting and meeting new people. No chance to get to comfortable though, Laura and her signature bicycle bell heralded a mass departure as the hi-vis peloton headed back in along The Quay.


Gracy's at Westport House was the next destination and the delicious aroma of barbequed meat drifted out on the evening air. Again, a continental atmosphere prevailed as groups sat outside at picnic tables and the local Mescan Belgian beer seemed to be almost a compulsory order. It was a chance to look around and marvel at the different types of people attracted by this Bicycle Buffet. There were couples and singletons, groups of friends and families with children of all ages and a few elder lemons as well. A delightful mixture of locals 'in the know' , competitors warming up for the next day's Westportif Leisure Cycles and tourists lucky enough to stumble on this most welcoming (and inexpensive) evening entertainment.

Only the shrill demands of the bicycle bell would have disturbed this happy group and send them off again on their trusty two-wheeled steeds. Out onto the Golf Course Road and back into town on yet another section of the Greenway; the final destination was The Wyatt for a well earned dessert. Every lamp post and railing in The Octagon was festooned with abandoned bicycles of all types and makes - road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes, kids bikes and even a nifty little fold up version. Anything goes for the Bike Buffet.


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