Cycling is a fantastic way to travel. Whether its cycling to work, school or town cycling is the most sustainable form of travel. Its also one of the best ways of getting a fresh air fix, save money and save time and the more people who cycle, the safer our roads and cleaner our air will be. Here are some positive aspects of cycling;


C - Cycling is fun! - Cycling is a great recreational activity and a fantastic way to explore your local community.


Y – Years younger – Your health will improve, making you look and feel younger.


C – Cheap & Cheerful – Once you have the basics of a bike and a repair kit you are ready for road!

L - Less congestion - If you leave the car at home and cycle to town there are fewer cars which makes it safer for those who cycle and walk.


I – Infants to Elderly – Cycling is suitable for people of all ages.


N – Nature- The beauty of the countryside is appreciated while cycling.


G - Get fit and stay active - Cycling to and from town helps you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.


For more information on cycling in Mayo see and for info on cycling groups contact Mayo Sports Partnership


Did you know?: In Denmark, bicycles outnumber cars by two to one..


Learn more about....Westport - Bike Hire & SalesJP Breheny & SonsCastlebar Street, Tel (098) 25020 Sean SammonJames St, Tel (098) 25471 Clew Bay Bike Hire & Outdoor AdventuresDistillery Road, Tel (098) Westport Bike ShopThe Paddock, Westport Tel (098) 24966 Westport Bikes 4 HireJames Street, Westport, Tel  086 Cyclist's SafetyOur top tips on how to stay safe on your bike: • Cycling involves interacting with other vehicles and pedestrians. It is important to be aware of the environment around you and to ensure that drivers and other road users are aware of you. • By cycling assertively, but not aggressively, you can become a safer cyclist. Our staying safe tips can help:Be observant. Keep your eye on the horizon and remain calm when another vehicle or pedestrian does the unexpected. • Make sure you can be seen. Wear reflective and bright clothing. • Be in the right place. Ride far enough out from the kerb to avoid drain covers and nasty cambers; and allow at least a full door width's clearance between you and parked cars. • Make contact. Make eye contact with drivers. Be careful of Heavy Goods Vehicles. Ensure you are seen by HGV drivers particularly when turning left at traffic lights or other junctions. Attention Motorists: ·  Stay alert: avoid distraction while driving.·  Slow down when sharing the road with cyclists.·  Before pulling out of driveways and junctions, look in every direction.·  Be especially alert at dusk and at night, since you can’t see as well as in daylight.·  When passing cyclists, give them at least three feet of clearance if possible.·  Before turning right or left, check your mirrors. If cyclists are visible, allow them to pass before you make your turn.·  When you park on the street, check your side mirror for approaching cyclists before you open your door.·  Avoid using you car horn near cyclists - it could startle them and cause them to swerve into traffic or off the roadway and crash.  FREE Cycle Training for BusinessDoes your organisation want to receive free cycle training?Do you want your employees to be fitter, healthier, happier and more productive at work? As well as meeting your organisation's green targets, cycling can offer improved health and alertness among staff, greater punctuality, and reduced car parking requirements. Employees who cycle to work are healthier, more productive, take fewer sick days and are less likely to change jobs. Cycling to work is cost efficient for both employees and employers, reduces the need for workplace (car) parking and allows employees to reduce their carbon footprint. And it’s fun! Course ContentBasic bicycle skills, balance and handling, and takes place on the car park.Moves onto the road and looks at everyday cycling activities: dealing with parked cars, u-turns, Junctions, left and right turns.The Bike-Please ensure that your bikes are both roadworthy and road legal, and are the correct size for the rider. We teach you how to check their bikes for faults and perform basic safety checks - brakes, tyres, chain, saddle height, etc. They must all have a rear red reflector.Clothing and safety equipment- Please ensure that you bring a rain coat and wear shoes or trainers, rather than sandals. We provide high visibility vests and we request that you have a cycle helmet that fits them. We can help adjust it to fit correctly. We can conduct this training at your place of work at lunch hour or what time is more suitable for your company and employees . Each session lasts one hour. To do book your free cycle training you can contact the road safety office at Mayo County Council on 0949047115.FREE Cycle Training for SchoolsCycle Training for Westport's students was successfully undertaken in May 2009 under a joint initiative organised by An Garda Siochana, Westport Town Council, Mayo County Council, Mayo Education Centre and Bus Eireann. By popular request the training is being held in Westport on 6th May 2010. Teams of three students representing each primary school in Mayo will learn life saving skills and cycle alongside specially trained Garda Cyclists on Westport's streets. Students will be tested on the following cycling proficiency manoeuvres: ObservationSignallingPosition on RoadEntering & Exiting JunctionsStraight line cyclingOverall SafetyBike ControlTheory on road safetyFurther Information is available from Mr Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer, Mayo County Council, 0949047115.Start Cycling on Westport's new Greenway New to cycling?Want to build confidence? Greenways are a great way to start. Westport Greenway offers the perfect environment for the next generation of cyclists to get started, a cycling ‘nursery’ for children and less confident adult cyclists. The traffic free Greenway is also an ideal place to encourage family, recreational, school and work cycling trips. Remember, greenways are for pleasant pedaling rather than fast cycling. Watch out for other people such as walkers and use a bell.


Use the Westport Town Greenway for enjoyable and safe trips to town by foot and by bike. Download the Westport Town Greenway map here

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