Give it a Go!

Smarter Travel is all about reducing our preference for the car as our default choice of transport and opting instead for more sustainable travel modes such as walking, cycling, skateboarding, public transport or car sharing. It's a lifestyle change with health and well being benefits.

Look out for the designated Park n' Stride locations in Westport. Consider parking at these locations and walking the rest of the way to town.



Did you know...

• Three out of four people in Westport commute to work by car even over short journeys.


•  One out of four people from the town walk to school and work -  significantly more than the national average.


•  Prior to the Westport Walks Wednesdays two out of three students were being driven to school and cycling numbers were very small.


•  Over 80% of Westport students are participating in the WWW initiative - a national record! - and the switch to walking and cycling take up has been dramatic.


Benefits of Smarter Travel

HEALTHY: Cheaper and more effective than the Gym!


FUN: Meet your friends on the new Greenway - Westport's newest social meeting place


GREEN: Reduce your carbon footprint


TIME: No worries about parking or congestion


SAVE MONEY: Sustainable travel is cheaper

Use the Westport Town Greenway for enjoyable and safe trips to town by foot and by bike. Download the Westport Town Greenway map here

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