Some motivational words for the last week of Operation Transportation

Week five of Operation Transportation and the results continue to improve even with a day off for St. Patrick’s Day. We are delighted to announce over 1,314 journeys were made by 211 participants, the highest number to date. Workplaces around Westport are reporting a change in behavior among employees. Choosing smarter travel was difficult at the beginning but business’s are now reporting that it is becoming the “norm” and the positive effects are rubbing off on other staff, who in turn decide to make the change to travel smarter.


Special recognition was given to Yvonne Byrne, Supervalu; Criostoir O Halaoin (walk) and Hubbie McEvilly (cycle) Allergan; and Monika Tothova, Hotel Westport who were all awarded Operation Transportation Inspirational People for their leadership and commitment to smarter travel. Each leader received a certificate and two tickets to the upcoming Bike Buffet on April 17th.







With only one week left in the challenge our leaders provide a few words of motivation for the Westport Smartest Travel Workplace Challenge:


Hubbie McEvilly, Allergan

"I enjoy cycling and it’s been great to see more bicycles in the bike shelters here over the last number of weeks. Cycling to work is a great way to keep fit and get some fresh air in the morning."



Criostoir O'Haolain, Allergan

"Walking to work helps me wake up in the morning and with the new Toucan crossing on the Castlebar road and the Greenway links walking is now a safe, enjoyable and cheap way to commute to work."


Yvonne Byrne, Supervalu

"Awareness of Smarter Travel has grown since last year and staff are now more aware of the benefits and reasons to move away from the single occupancy car. Operation Transportation has been a great kick start for us to choose active travel and with the weather improving and the days getting longer more staff are joining in and our results are increasing weekly. Management, full time and part time staff are all involved and we all aim to keep choosing smarter travel once Operation Transportation ends."


Monika Tothova, Hotel Westport

"I came to visit Westport from Slovakia last year and I liked it so much that I decided to stay. It’s such a green country, both in scenery and in attitude. People like and respect nature here and initiatives like Operation Transportation prove that. I enjoy walking to work every day and I’ve taking up cycling lately. The hills can be slightly challenging but I feel fitter and healthier because of them. I am delighted to have been named an Operation Transportation Inspirational person and I am really looking forward to the Bike Buffet."



Big Changes in week four of Operation Transportation

Week four of Operation Transportation and the leader board has seen big changes. The Lafferty Group have launched into the lead with more staff getting involved and choosing Smarter Travel. Carpooling is their most popular mode but with the fine weather the number of staff walking and choosing to park n’stride is increasing weekly. "We are all really enjoying taking up Smarter Travel options, especially on dry days!" said Fin Keegan, managing editor at Lafferty Group. "It is great to know that we are part of a wider effort and that we are doing something for our health as well as the well-being of the community."


Westport Leisure Park, Westport Civic Offices and the Sacred Heart School have all seen substantial increases in the number of Smarter Travel journeys made by staff. Overall 1,333 Smarter Travel journeys were made by participants in week four marking a continuing increase.  With three weeks left in the challenge and more staff getting involved daily it is difficult to predict who will be Westport’s Smartest Travel Workplace 2015.


To follow the progress of the workplaces and to learn how you can get involved and choose smarter travel see or follow us on Facebook.


Lots of change in week three of Operation Transportation

Week 3 of Operation Transportation and the results are showing lots of change. Some teams were affected by the weather while others bucked the trend and increased their number of Smarter Travel journeys. Not only that but the number of overall participants increased by almost 10%.


With variable weather last week and good weather promised for this week  it will be interesting to see the upcoming results. Will Hobans Centra stay in the lead, will the Lafferty Group overtake them or will another workplace take the leaders spot. Participation continues to grow in Allergan and the Sacred Heart Secondary School so maybe those are the workplaces to look out for. With just over three weeks left to Easter Sunday there is still plenty of time for change. Walking, cycling, Park n’ Stride and carpooling all count as Smarter Travel journeys to work and with the weather improving and staff choosing fit and active travel this Lent it’s still all to play for in the bid to become Westport’s Smartest Travel Workplace.


If you would like more information or if your workplace would like to join in the challenge please contact or follow us on Facebook.



Snow, rain and wind not a deterrent for Operation Transportation participants.

The weather has been challenging for the first two weeks of Operation Transportation. Snow, wind, rain and hail have provided plenty of valid excuses for OT participants. However, it seems Westport staff don't let this deter them and the number of smarter travel journeys have been very impressive. 154 employees made 1552 smarter travel journeys from 18th February to March 1st.


Participants have been walking, cycling, car pooling and parking their cars at Park n’ Stride locations. For every 10 smarter travel journeys participants receive vouchers for free tea or coffee from WST cafes. These include Mocha Beans, Nicola’s Food Emporium, The Creel, Enrica’s Cafe, Willow Tree cafe and DUO. The challenge continues until Easter Sunday and with more workplaces joining in weekly and with the weather improving we can expect an interesting battle for the title of Westport’s Smartest Travel Workplace 2015.


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