Westport Order of Malta named Westport’s Smartest Travel Community Group

19 Westport community groups participated in Operation Transportation for 5 weeks over October and November. Members of the community groups were encouraged to consider choosing smarter travel and for each smarter travel journey made participants filled in a travel log card. For each full card participants could receive free tea/coffee in participating restaurants in town. At the end of the 5 week period all the full cards were returned to Westport Smarter Travel by the community groups. Over 80 full travel log cards were returned representing 1000 smarter travel journeys. There was varying levels of participation from the community group’s, however there was one group that stood out.


Westport Order of Malta, under the leadership of Josh Moran put in a big effort to choose smarter travel over the 5 weeks making over 250 smarter travel journeys and in turn claiming the title of Westport’s first ever Smartest Travel Community Group!

 “We were delighted to take part and even happier to have won. It was a pleasure to take part in Operation Transportation and we look forward to taking part again next year. As a community group who have tried to emphasise Smarter Travel within the unit over the past year, this competition gave us the chance to raise awareness among the community and we will continue to do this when we start using our bikes at duties next year. We are delighted to finish the year as Westport's Smartest Travel Community Group. Thank you very much for bringing this competition to our attention and I personally appreciate the work you are doing for the community.”


Two other community groups must be commended for their efforts; Westport Active Retirement made over 200 smarter travel journeys and Westport Men’s Shed made over 180 journeys.


Westport Order of Malta received a Westport’s Smartest Travel Community Group plaque and equipment to help them with future smarter travel journeys.


Westport Active Retirement and Men’s Shed received runners up plaques and some WST gifts.


We are also delighted to announce that Larry Hingerton of Westport Town Band has been named as Operation Transportation Most Inspirational Person.


Westport Smarter Travel strives for Westport to be a community that chooses to leave their car at home or at a park n’ stride location and in turn chooses a healthier, cleaner, safer and friendlier Westport. We are very grateful to all the community groups that participated in Operation Transportation and in turn helped their members consider their travel choices.

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