• Bus

    By far the most sensible, budget-friendly and convenient way to travel is by using the bus. Services are numerous and a variety of ticket options can make bus travel very economical. Connections between the major towns are generally fast, frequent and reliable.


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  • Rail

    While it is not impossible to travel everywhere by rail, the choice of places to visit will be limited. Generally the railway will bring you to a central destination and from there you will have to rely on other modes of transport. More than likely buses.


    On longer journeys the train may be better value for money - travel times are usually shorter than on a bus, there are toilets on board and you can stretch your legs by walking about a bit.

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Public Transport


What if you cannot walk or cycle to your destination and don't feel like driving?

Have you considered public transport?

There are alternatives available, none of them perfect, but a combination of road and rail travel is an interesting option.



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