Walk more and you’ll discover benefits like increased health and fitness to money and time savings.


The benefits of walking...


Walking can be quicker

Half of Westport’s car journeys are under two kilometres - just 25 minutes walk - easily within walking distance and on foot there’s no chance of getting stuck in traffic.


Walking is good for your health

Walking is the nearest thing to perfect exercise – it can halve your risk of coronary heart disease and help prevent some cancers. Walking helps reduce stress and improves your general well being.


Walking is cheaper

No petrol, no bus fare and no special equipment to buy, walking is the free and easy alternative for local journeys for school, work or just to explore the local area.


Walking leads to a better environment

Did you know that you can breathe in more pollution inside your car than from walking the same route? The average drive to school and back releases 800g of carbon dioxide into the air - enough to inflate over 60 balloons – whilst walking offers a carbon neutral way of travelling.


Use the Westport Town Greenway for enjoyable and safe trips to town by foot and by bike. Download the Westport Town Greenway map here

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