Rice College triumphs in promoting Westport to walk!

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WOW Westport’s Car Free Day was a massive success! Congratulations to Rice College who closed their school gates to help celebrate the day – making it a very historic occasion.  Nearly 600 individuals walked, bussed and Park’N’Strided to school! The school is an entirely Car Free Zone for the whole day! Parents and staff used designated Park’N’Stride locations throughout the town. Our Car Free Day had a huge impact on the morning’s traffic in the town – it flowed very well and there were no tailbacks. One commuter stated that “it was like being in town at 7am on a Sunday morning!”.  Well done to everyone who walked, cycled and Park’n’Strided today.


"Car  free  day  was  a great  success  today.  Well done to  all  the  parents/guardians, students and  staff at  Rice  College.  It  really showed  how  if  everyone makes  a little  effort we  can  achieve so  much  in terms  of  reducing congestion in  the  town  at  rush  hour and  also  helping  the  environment and  our  health. Great  feedback  from  parents  about  a good  flow  of  traffic this  morning.  Great idea Westport Smarter travel.”

Mr Fergal Macken, Teacher Rice College


"I really enjoyed my walk to work, plus I actually arrived earlier than I would have if I travelled by car!"

Shelly O’Neill, Carraig Donn


"What a difference it makes to the morning traffic congestion. There’s nothing better than leaving your car and getting out into the fresh air before the working day starts"

Karen Moore, Westport Chamber


Westport Smarter Travel would like to thank all staff, students, parents and guardians for promoting and participating in the day. A special thank you to Principal Michael Rabbette, Ms Paula Behan and Mr Fergal Macken for helping to organise and coordinate the event.  It was a great day for the town of Westport and we envisage to have lots more car free days in the future.

Eva McIntyre, WST


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